The void in our soul

The soul, a haze around the heart
Knows what pain means
A ghostly museum housing hidden art
Seeing at first hand what it is
You feel a little strange into the dark
Something is after you
Telling safe isn’t an option
What are you going to do?

A labyrinth of mistakes
Misjudgement and impulse actions
You’ve given what it takes
List in hundreds of translations
You can feel the emptiness of the void
In the human soulo
It’s all lies, horrible lies!!!

You musn`t sleep
Stay in constant awareness
Convince yourself to survive living in the deep
Void of sins
Get away…get away…

Find the courage to fight back
Open your mind to eternity
Don’t be afraid to leap into the dark
Pray for guideness
Be yourself for once

Ahhhh…The void in our soul
Ahhhh…The void in our soul
How deep it is
Ahhhh…The void in our soul
Ahhhh…The void in our soul
How frightening it is

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