The Armada

Sailed from Corunna 130 ships
Aiming to England and strike it hard
Equipped with countless cannons
and great ambition in their heart
To overthrow the Queen
and stop the enemy interference
Scrambled in conditions never before seen
without fighting experience

As the opposing battleships run on each other
Their feeling of madness was like no other

So the battle begun…

Guitar solo

The English were faster and smarter
surrounding the pitiful Spaniards

Cannonballs flying everywhere
piercing the Armada ships

It was so frantic, a chaos never before had happen
Life after life was lost, with nowhere to lean


The seas were full of burned wood and bodies
There was no escaping for anybody

Those trying to flee were stopped by an enormous blockade
Becoming unwillingly prisoners of war

The expedition was a total failure
A waste of human lives and resources

But the Spanish king had his conscience clean
although his ambitions were foolish
And the legacy still lives today…

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