Forsaken lands

There’s a land, far away, astranged from our known civilisation

Hidden deep, in a valley within the Himalayas

It’s inhabitants are blessed with eternal youth and life, prospering on

a ground producing elixirs that grant the power of ultimate knowledge

The beauty of it’s women surpasses that of roses

and more graceful than of angels of the heavens

They know no corruption, nor hatred

and treat unknown visitors as one of their own bred

The sky there is clear as a crystal

and the night quiet as a moving leaf

Uncharted as it is and unconventional

it enclosed a mystical pleasantness, a mind couldn’t conceive

This place is named Shangri La, the big secret

Every single lucky enough to find it, never returned

Fortune has led me here and so my saga begun

-Guitar solo-

Shangri La

Seems like time has stopped I feel

The sand in the hourglass stuck in the middle

Shangri La

The most amazing scenery is before your eyes

So shiny, a simple man it blinds

Shangri La

It’s wisdom flows like a stream

It’s limitless, an infinite dream

Shangri la

All these years I was in a trek and finally found it

I’ll never leave, stay away from the boiling humanity

Shangri La

A eulogy on how life was supposed to

Far more essential even from Eden, with Adam and Eve

Shangri La

The most precious jewel on the face of Earth

May it remains a mystery, a cryptic breath

Stay forsaken…my Shangri La

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