A righteous war

It’s been a long and tiresome day

Lots of shooting, lots of screaming in the jungle

I’m sitting on the edge of my bed, polishing my rifle and worry

what I’ll face tomorrow with my platoon


The past weeks I’ve seen the worst

Bloodshed, women raped, children killed

Truth be told

I got used to such things I witnessed

Many of my comrades are lost

Didn’t survive much more

An ode to what terrors this war has brought

and what it’ll show once more


The darkest hours of my life are now

There’s no turning back what I’ve done

Is there such a thing as war crimes?

Isn’t war alone a huge crime?

I’m so ashamed being a part of it…


-Guitar solo-


What was I thinking

Signing up for this madness

Pain, sweat, and hard training

for killing innocents


I think I’m losing my sanity

Fighting supposedly for what is right

I’ve entered a different reality

Understanding the false in my actions


Kill or be killed

That’s what we all been taught






Living in constant awareness

The enemy is lurking in every direction

Shoot there…I’m out…Reloading

Grenade out…Comrade down


Five echoes at my twelve

Take cover…Prepare for extraction

We pray for salvation but it never comes

We live a life no one deserves


Another day, is another trip to hell…

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