”Power Up” (2020) by AC/DC Album Review-THEY are back but with anything new in the bag?

Since the Rock Or Bust Tour seven years ago, AC/DC have passed through a ton of turbulences…the departures of vocalist Brian Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams then in 2017, the shocking death of the legendary rhythym guitarist Malcolm Young…basically only Angus was left to stand for the band’s name. But not for ever…

In October 7th of 2020, a teaser video was released with the band’s new album title(Power Up). Then in next few weeks, several videos were released on the media, promoting their new songs. These actions were very shocking the fans worldwide in a good way because ”Man…it’s a NEW AC/DC album!!!!”…OMG. The, on November 17th we got the full album…and what an album…!!!

The AC/DC guys stand up for their fame and legacy with a fresh sounding album although they use the old recipe of theirs with simple guitar chords and the blend of hard rock and blues. Their performance is better than ever and it seems, time hasn’t affected them a bit, although most of them are over 70 years old. Does this mean AC/DC are back in action…Only time will tell.

As Angus has stated many times, the album is dedicated to his brother and co-founding member Malcolm Young…what a beautiful way for them to pay respects to the legend from Australia…:)

Listening to all of it’s songs, the few iI discriminated for their particular excellence are Realize, Through The Mists Of Time, No Man’s Land and Code Red.


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