Legendary bassist and occasionaly vocalist Marko Hietala leaves Nightwish…He shall be missed :(

The definition of ”coolness”

It’s been 20 years since he joined the Nightwish family in 2001. He embedded his name with the words symphonic metal. He is loved by millions of fans around the globe because of his unique operatic voice and masterfully playing the bass and occasionally, a guitar. Songs which we adored listening to him were The Islander, Ever Dream, I Want My Tears Back and more recently, the magnificent Endlessness.

Hearing this morning the sad news about his departure, got me really shocked and I forcely handled myself not to whip in tears…It was my dream someday to watch him playing with Nightwish in a concert but I guess, this will never happen…

As he mentioned in other websites and sources, he is leaving not because of a feud with the other band members but because he’s fed up with the system…Big music companies pushing artists to perform 300% and not pay them as they shold be. Also, paraphrasing what he stated, that the streaming services nowadays kill the music industry unlike at least 20 years before.

Marko…you’re a really nice guy, a living legend and your legacy will never be forgotten. A thousand THANK YOU for what you gave to all of us all these years. May the winds be positive on your life and get more successes in the solo career you’re pursuing…Farewell…

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