My list of Top 10 jokes about metal music

This is a simple list of some of my own jokes and others I found over the Internet, about metal music. So this is a disclaimer I do not own everything. Can they be funny? Let’s see…

1.Person A: ”Do you know Mel Gibson?” Person B: Yes. I also know Mel Fender, Mel Jackson, Mel Paul Reed Smith, Mel Epihone, Mel Ibanez and Mel Yamaha.

2.I want my music so loud, so I cannot hear my thoughts.

3.Did you hear about the heavy metal band that started a huge protest but without shouting or talking? They ended up destroying a bunch of property, though…

It was a quiet riot

4.Did you hear about the heavy metal band that also makes Christmas music?

They’re called sleigh-er

5.What you say when a heavy metal artist die?

-Rust in peace

6.Heavy Metal Icon Rob Halford abandoned fame to live as a monk in a Tibetan monastery…

Buddhist Priest.

7.Saw a group of Sikh men jamming out to heavy metal the other day

They were definitely Down With The Sikhness

8.The plane turbine says to the candy…

“What kind of music do you listen to?”

The candy says “Oh, I’m into rap. What about you?”

The turbine says “I’m a big heavy metal fan.

9.Why should you not throw stones at a knight?

Because heavy metal is harder than rock.

10.What did Bruce Dickinson reply when he was asked to play in a tour?

Can I play with Madness?

Please rate these jokes, if you liked them.

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