”Fear Of The Dark” (2015 Remastered) Album by Iron Maiden-An honest review

The year 1992 would be another busy years for the legendary metal band. Two years after the disappointing for the most of people album ”No Prayer For The Dying”, they felt the need to rebound and produce something better to retain their mainstream status. So, Steve Harris took the matter on his hands and created an appropriate studio for recording a new album. Although this was a wise move, Adrian Smith had left the band to follow a solo career so his playing and iconic solos would be missing from it.

The actual album, continued it’s hard rock feel from the previous album, with vocals less operatic and more raspy fro Bruce, where there is a theory that his voice was damaged in the World Slavery Tour in 1984 by overstressed use of it. But he manages to do just fine in this album, giving a unique tone to it, by experimenting with the pitched down vocals. Now, let’s talk a little bit about each song of the album.

1)Be Quick Or Be Dead: Opening with a scream from Bruce you never heard before and bashing speed metal drums and guitar chords, this song is the perfect start for this album. It’s amazing how long Bruce is doing his raspy vocals without losing a single note. The song is speaking about the unpredictability of the stock market and the great risks you have to take to achieve being rich.

2)From Here To Eternity: The things that stand out in this song are the use of keyboard and the solos by Janick Gers and Dave Murray. We listen a story about a woman named Charlotte and the Beast she is riding, who embarks on a dangerous journey and finally dies…

3)Afraid To Shoot Strangers: A sweet tone song with sensational vocals from Bruce, it brings the tone down and goes political, about the Gulf War, through the eyes of a soldier who was sent there to kill people he never knew and forcibly do atrocities.

4)Fear Is The Key: A filler song, just for the sake of it, it speaks about AIDS and the people caughting it and die, with no one giving a damn about them. In my opinion, it’s just a lazy and unneeded song by Steve Harris, embeded in this album.

5)Childhood’s End: Another filler song but acceptable. The low sound of the drums and the guitar, just brings you back to your childhood and how difficult was it. Nothing much more to say.

6)Wasting Love: One of my top Maiden songs, this ballad combines EVERYTHING Maiden has to offer…A sweet intro…an acoustic medley and beautiful vocals by Bruce. It speaks about a man who thought that just making love to women without any commitment, would bring him happiness but instead, it drove him to depression. A masterpiece, in other words!

7)The Fugitive: Just ignore it….!!!!!

8)Chains Of Misery: It offers dual vocals, bringing a freshness to the album and the output sound is excellent. It takes the subject of somenone who is held down by invincible boundaries and can’t do everything he would like in his life.

9)The Apparition: Ingnore….!!!!

10)Judas Be My Guide: A nice song, where you’ll find yourself whispering ”Judas…my guide”. Dave Murray does a great job on guitar and Bruce performs beautifully like he always does.

11) Weekend Warrior: Ignore….!!!!!

12)Fear Of The Dark: THE MAGNUM OPUS of this album!!!!! It has everything Maiden has to offer and much, much more. A gorgeous double length intro by Steve Harris, Dave Murray and Janick Gers…a brilliant main verse with operatic vocals by Bruce…two amazing guitar solos…with a rhythm that sticks into your subconscious(Turu tu tu turu tuuuuuu!!!!!). A very inspired song by the fears everyone of us has and how it affects their psychology and life.


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