”Frantic”(1988) Ending theme by Ennio Morricone-Another underrated masterpiece…

Back in 1988, this Wonderfull movie came out and although it was a commercial failure, it scored a big critical success because of it’s Neo-noir style combined with unstoppable suspense and action. But the thing that defined this movie for me is the epic soundtrack score, crafted by the master of the universe, who else…Ennio Moricone.

The first feelings the ending theme in particular creates are the need to sit down and cry, because of it’s depressing tone it’s filled in. We feel the depression that Dr. Walker felt in the movie, alone in a strange country looking for his missing wife and without having any clue how to find and save her.

Then it embraces the power of love and the need for a man to do everything that passes from his hand to save his beloved wife, who is in serious danger. That particular sound of the violin is all the money creating that shivering feeling to your skin and say that Walker indeed loved his wife more than anything in his life.

But all this came at a big cost…The mysterious woman named Michelle who had helped Walker through his venture in Paris sacrificed herself for the common good, so the pair could be back together…a very touching ending indeed.

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