Soundbrenner Core-A must have wrist watch!!!

A while ago, when I was roaming Facebook for music stuff, this ad was the most of time striking my face…THE WATCH FOR ALL MUSICIANS. I was reluctant at first because of it’s price tag and postage fees because it was located in America. But eventually, I decided to give it a chance and finally, I bought it…And appreciated all the money I gave for it!!!

This new gadget by Soundbrenner, is everything a musician can ask for. Weighing just 40 grams, it feels very nice on your wrist and provides some stability to it, in my case when holding the guitar’s neck.

The first operation it does is the metronome, which you can customise deeply to your needs, the beats per minute, the duration of the beats and the musical fractions. Also, it is shown in seven different colours to suit your preferences. The vibration has four different levels of intensity to choose from. When it starts vibrating, you can feel it’s power, running through your muscles!

The second operation it provides is the chromatic tuner, which you can use on a guitar, ukulele, bass and violin. It’s extremely accurate and ver sensitive on the note’s detection. Worth mentioning is the strong magnetic body of the watch which can be attracted to your instrument’s metallic parts and fit nicely so you can tune with the wave effect.

The third operation of it is the dB meter which is very helpful to mind the noise you create and of your surroundings at every given moment. Another nice addition to the masterpiece by Soundbrenner.

The final two operations are a timer and stop watch, which can help you measure time in your music creating processes.

The battery duration of it is very good, lasting for about five days, considering you use the metronome and the tuner for a limited time. As for the charging, it takes less than an hour, which is impressive for a smart watch.

You can control it majorly with your tablet or smart phone, by downloading the Soundbrenner app. The watch can show up to twenty mobile notifications on it’s screen, if it’s paired using bluetooth with your device.

Now for the price tag…If you live in America, it will cost you about 150$ but, if you live in Europe the tax fees are considerable(Mine were 34 Euros…). I don’t really care about that because I got value for money. It’s definitely worth every single cent and you’ll never regret buying it.

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