Nightwish Hvman Natvre,:II: – An honest Review

Where do I start talking about this album? It created so many emotions to me nice and bad at the same time, it make me happy and angry, it drove me to unimaginable galaxies…with the European magic only the pioneers of symphonic metal can give to humanity.

The tone in this album is lower than the previous albums, supported mainly by orchestral music and traditional music instruments like the Greek bouzouki etc. The songs describe human nature through sentences that really don’t make much sense but are beautiful, poetic and indulging. They travel through the history of mankind, how music was created and explain various folklore histories and myths.

Marko Hietala and Floor Jansen do a perfect job working together such as in the song Harvest, with the latter giving her maximum in songs such as How’s the heart and Noise. After one year of break, they show no signs of losing their touch.

Now some people are gonna say that Nightwish are sellouts because they tried to cash in, creating something hipster like, to draw the attention to them and be the centre of attention…I don’t agree with them but I don’t blame them also. Because…because that metal element is somehow missing from this album.

Nonetheless, this album is a very interesting and exciting by Nightwish and it definitely deserves your attention and money. It’s surreal, amazing, excellent and brilliant. Hats off to the pioneers of symphonic metal.

How to I review it…. It’s….4.5/5….meaning “Almost perfect!!!!”. If it had some more headbanging riffs and something more heavy, not Lord Of The Rings style, it could be 5 out of 5. Nice job, otherwise!!!

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