To buy or not buy a Gibson guitar?

I’m gonna be talking about a particular subject, which occurs between guitarists. A subject that enrages lots and lots of people. Which guitar should I buy? A Gibson or a Fender?

Imagine this conversation between the two guitarists:

Person 1: I want to buy an SG. I’m in love with it. It’s colour, it’s sound, its shape. It’s definitely my choice.

Person 2: No!!! You should buy a Fender. They are superior in every each way.

Person 1: No…I like the SG better!

Person 2: You’re wrong!!! Fenders are cheaper!

Person 1: I don’t want to buy that expensive, monotonous, vomit inducing piece of shit!!!!

Person 2: Noooooo!!!!!!

And the fight continues for an eternity.

It’s those people you must face every day of your life. The so called Fender lovers. They are so blinded and worship that boring Stratocaster, they try hard to force you to buy it.

Yes, I’m a Gibson lover as you can tell and I’m very proud for that. Bring it on Fender lovers!!!! And for the record, the SGs are more successful than the Strats because they sold much more units, they are lighter and sound better. Legends that used them are Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Pete Townshend and many many others.

All am I saying is ”Gibson rules” and “Fender sucks”. And by all means, stop pushing others to buy things you only like and adore.

Playing guitar is an expensive hobby I admit. You can’t expect by someone to spend the same amount of money as you. But please…please shut up with you’re Fenders!!!

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