My 3 tips for wannabe lyricists or a mini guide, if you prefer

Music is many things. Many ideas. Many emotions combined together to the ultimate goal to be something pleasant to the ear and create euphoria. The lyrics are a major part of it, turning those emotions into words. Mastering their art can be hard at the beginning but believe me, all will come by themselves once you write your first sentence on paper or pc screen!!!

First thing I do before writing down a lyric is to contemplate about things that fascinate me like science fiction, history, mythology etc. After I do a little research on them, I find useful information I can utilize in a way to elevate my ideas on the subject. Then I find a way to create some kind of rhyme. It doesn’t always have to make sense. Just be nice to hear.

The most basic thing

But if you’re not inspired… don’t worry! Just sit down with your headsets and listen to iconic bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Sabaton, Scorpions etc etc….This a really effective method to bend your mind and write some lyrics on your paper.

The second thing I do is the core of writing, discover the emotions. I might be feeling angry about the social injustices and imbalances, the void between the rich and poor, wars happening all over the earth. Or I might be heart broken by a person I loved and be a stranger to her or him. Then I put those emotions in sentences combined with the general theme of my song, so it gets tied up.

The third and last thing I do is convince myself that lyrics and creativity know no boundaries. You can write about every single thing you want or worries your soul. Create, create, create. Sky is the limit.

Summarizing…Contemplation, Emotions, Create. End of story.

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