Does rock music and it’s subgenres corrupt people’s minds?

“You mustn’t listen to rock and metal”…”Metal is Satan’s music”…”You ought to hate rock music”…….We all heard these bullshit lots of times by conservative people that still leave in the 19th century and don’t want to open their minds to new things and cultures. But the truth is light-years afar.

Rock and metal were invented by people who were fed up with the system, the inequalities, the predjudices, injustice, war and history. Also their voice is loud because they have huge pain in their soul…e.g. had a tough childhood. So, they exhale their pain with loudness and hardness.

Another thing the conservative s say is that when the songs are played backwards, you can hear hidden messages… that’s a bigger bullshit!!! If you have psychological problems, it’s a sure thing you’ll find other meanings in songs. So lame…..!!!!

Also if you sit down and listen to folk music like the conservatives do, you’ll find that the only subjects they talk about are sex, adultery, prostitution and unfaithfulness. They are a stained glass as well, so those idiots can’t argue with that.

I admit…a minority of metal bands praises Satan in their songs and admits it but the rest percentage of bands is just fine. Don’t fool to the trap of theorising every single rock singer, a worshipper of Satan!

Now, I’ll turn back to myself. Listening to heavy metal, helped me so much that I found hidden talents and skills, that I wasn’t aware about their presence. I found happiness in life and stop being depressive and blame myself for the situations currently on Earth. Also I’ve learned lots of things about history and mythology…fascinating things!

All am saying is that you mustn’t be absolute in your opinions and as Epica say:”Open your mind and you’ll be balance and free. Be the master over your own energy…”

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