My top 30 Stratovarius songs

Guess what???….Another Finnish metal band in the equation. They are considered to be the pioneers of power metal and influenced all the others, since their formation in the year 1885.

They introduced us to fast paced drum beats, one solo after an other solo, ultra loud sound and of course…operatic vocals. Their thematology is again as I’ve written in my previous articles, about fantasy themes, history and divine subjects(God, heaven, religion).

But they faced a chaotic line up over these 35 years, firing and hiring people and ended up with a formation, with no one of the original and founding members. Somehow, like a miracle, the band is still alive nowadays…

A lot of their songs have the same structure and they tend to be repetitive and some kind of boring. But I managed to find 30 of their creations that defined Stratovarious and share them with the world.

  1. Father Time
  2. The Lost Saga
  3. Future Shock
  4. Speed of light
  5. 4000 Rainy Nights
  6. Abandon
  7. Soul of a Vagabond
  8. Phoenix
  9. The abyss of your eyes
  10. Metal Frenzy
  11. Season Of Faith’s Perfection
  12. Event Horizon
  13. 4th Reich
  14. Leadus into the light
  15. Stratosphere
  16. Dreamweaver
  17. Dragons
  18. Paradise
  19. Darkness
  20. The hands of time
  21. Why are we here
  22. My Eternal Dream
  23. Darkest hours
  24. Ride like the wind
  25. Venus in the morning
  26. Atlantis
  27. learning to fly
  28. Hunting High And Low
  29. Chasing shadows
  30. Fire dance
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