My Top 20 Dragonforce songs

Being formed back in 1999 by Herman Li and Sam Totman, these guys gave speed metal a new form. They utilize the power and speed combined with sounds similar to those of retro video games and created a new kind of metal, ‘extreme power metal’ as they call it. But like a big percentage of legendary bands, they also fired their old lead singer Z.P. Theart and replaced him with a new guy. So sad…

Nonetheless, they speak about fantasy themes, dragons, warriors, battles…you name it. All combined with the frantic solos of Herman Li and Sam Totman. The duo of perfection. They ought to be called legendary guitarists with their unique abilities, which shaped the term ‘speed metal’.

I find their music tending to be heroic metal, giving to their listeners courage and strength to fight every day of their lives. Also, they drove many people to buy guitars and learn how to actually play them. It’s in the tone guys!

I’ve listened to all of their songs. It’s the same recipe in most of them. But I judge songs by emotional impact and what theme are touching. This my list of their best 20 songs.

  1. Through the fire and the flames
  2. Cosmic power of the infinite shred machine
  3. Storming the burning field
  4. Starfire
  5. Midnight madness
  6. Razorblade meltdown
  7. Inside the winter storm
  8. Black fire
  9. Wings of liberty
  10. Fields of despair
  11. Evening star
  12. Strike of the ninja
  13. Die by the sword
  14. Judgement Day
  15. The last Dragonborn
  16. Heartbreak Armageddon
  17. Symphony of the night
  18. Prepare for war
  19. Cry for eternity
  20. My spirit will go on
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