My Top 15 Sabaton songs

Those Scandinavian countries…are gold producing machines, in terms of music…Epica, Apocalyptics, Nightwish, After Forever etc. And our Swedish friends are no exception.

Like other bands such as Iron Maiden, the Sabaton guys chose to sing about subjects that torture the human kind and affected the whole humanity severely. They speak about wars, history and acts of heroism by people who wouldn’t accept to be enslaved. All of this with the help of power metal and the raspy voice of Joakim Broden, who adds lyricism to the songs meanings.

Talking about this kind of subjects, their music puts you right into the middle of the many historical battles and you can actually feel the dramatic state within the heart of a soldier and empathize him. Questions that trouble every mans mind. Why so much bloodshed, suffering and sorrow? Why? Why?

Before reading what’s below, I say right of the bat that Primo Victoria is their definitive song. It’s powerful, meaningful, melodic and with just a word, a masterpiece. Comment below if you agree.

  1. Primo Victoria
  2. The Red Baron
  3. Masters of the world
  4. To Hell and back
  5. Shiroyama
  6. Uprising
  7. Reign of terror
  8. In the name of God
  9. Thundergods
  10. Coat of Arms
  11. Seven pillars of wisdom
  12. Metal Crue
  13. The last stand
  14. Creaming Eagles
  15. Into the fire
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