My Top 20 Nightwish songs

What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase symphonic metal? Epic operatic vocals? Fantasy themes? Ear busting harmonized sound?….No!!! The answer is simply Nightwish. They highlighted this kind of metal and helped the foremost to elevate it, inspiring the creation of other epic bands such as Epica (Yeah baby) and After Forever. Personally, I consider them the pioneers of symphonic metal…No doubt!

But the inconvinient truth is that the greatest weapon they had in their hands was their lead singer Tarja Turunen. Her voice…her voice is simply inexplicably angelic. The octaves she can achieve, the strong vibrato and the perfection is simply majestic. And if you ask me, the other founding members of the band were foolish to fire her, just cause she wanted to have a family.

Firing Tarja…BIG MISTAKE!

Their new female lead singer, Floor Jansen is gorgeous and has a beautiful voice but it’s just that…she isn’t Tarja at all. At least they kept their vocalist and bassist Marco Hietala…he is a showman and keeps the band alive and trending.

As I sat down and listened to every single Nightwish song, I felt many things. Roaming into fantasy lands, battling beasts, falling in love and inspired to achieve the impossible. It’s that…symphonic metal shows that classical and metal are siblings just with a fusion of electricity in the instruments. Below, you’ll find the top 20 songs I believe defined Nightwish and feel free to right in the comment section your favorite ones.

  1. Nightquest
  2. I want my tears back
  3. Tutankhamen
  4. She is my sin
  5. Sleeping Sun
  6. Angels fall first
  7. Nightwish
  8. End of all hope
  9. Wishmaster
  10. Stargazers
  11. Phantom of the opera
  12. Over the hills and far away
  13. The poet and the pedullum
  14. Alpenglow
  15. Wish I had an angel
  16. Elan
  17. Beauty and the beast
  18. Ever dream
  19. Sacrament of wilderness
  20. Meadows of heaven

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