How these singers changed my life

I begun a life full of hopes and dreams, to become a scientist, make good money , buy my own house and eventually get married…but none of these happened. The only thing I got from the society was indifference, inacceptance, never giving me the slightest chance to prove myself. I’ve been broke…I’ve been unemployed…So I grew to be an antisocial misanthropus. I stopped believing in society and as the Iron Maiden song says , it seemed to me that all is lost and nothing gained.

But I also loved listening to music. And one fateful day I discovered 4 bands that were meant to change my life: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Epica and Queensryche. Their sound was so unique, so mesmerizing, so enchanted, that made me fall in love with them. I give credits where credits a due. Their singers did the most work on my psychology. How?

Also, I’ve found similarities between my life and theirs. They also had a tough childhood and got bullied at school. They experienced failures and indifference from the society. Our destiny were paired.

The way they express their feelings through their one of a kind voice, made my heart pound and affected the synapsis of my brain , opening new virtual doors, drawing me to achieve new things in miserable life. They even made me cry in most of their songs. SO EMOTIONAL PEOPLE.

Then I found in myself that I’ve got more talents than I ever new. A tendency to graphic design, video editing, writing books and song lyrics and what matters the most, see life outside the box. Now, I’m happier than ever and have hopes for the future and stop blaming my self for my old failures.

In this final paragraph, I would like to thank Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Simone Simons and Geoff Tate for existing and helping me change for the better. KEEP ROCKING MY FRIENDS!!!!!!

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