My Top 34 Motörhead songs

Lemmy Killmeister…the man…the bassist… the biggest legend. A name so connected to shaping thrash metal as leaves on a tree branch. Equipped only with his iconic bass, he busted the worlds ears for over five decades, talking truthfully about sex, drugs and rock and roll without regrets and the fear of censorship, flipping the bird to the Man…


The face says it all…LEMMY STILL RULEZZZZ!!!

The band he founded, with the use of the heaviest riffs and double bass drums by Phil Taylor, combined metal with punk, creating the fusion of thrash metal, changing metal history for ever. And don’t forget about Eddie Clark with his super fast riffs.

Their songs, talk about the life of rock stars, wars, injustices, love, life , death, heaven and hell. Their success had it’s up n downs, lots of songs were a little bit of sellouts to the music companies but the big majority were successful and engraved into history.

Consistency in their sound is the main feature that characterizes them. You will hear lots and lots of songs sounding like Ace of spades( You should try it and you’ll see). But you’ll never be bored hearing them. They are this phenomenal.

Lemmy, Eddie and Phil… wherever you are…you’ll never be forgotten… Snaggletooth will always be in our dreams…thank you!!!

This is my top 34 list of all the songs that I believed shaped the legacy of Motorhead and sounded the most epic. Agree? Comment below.

  1. Ace of spades
  2. Overkill
  3. Brotherhood of man
  4. God was never on your side
  5. Killed by death
  6. Orgasmatron
  7. Iron fist
  8. Victory or die
  9. Live to win
  10. The road crew
  11. Keep your powder dry
  12. Terminal show
  13. In the year of the wolf
  14. Metropolis
  15. Thunder and lightning
  16. The hammer
  17. Bomber
  18. See me burning
  19. Dr. Love
  20. Heroes
  21. Sword of glory
  22. Built for speed
  23. All the aces
  24. Heart of stone
  25. Heartbreaker
  26. Lost woman blues
  27. When the eagle screams
  28. Poison
  29. Fire fire
  30. Down the line
  31. End of time
  32. Back on the chain
  33. Voices from the war
  34. Going down
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