My Top 8 Queensrÿche songs

In this article I’ll be judging Queensrÿche in the Geoff Tate era, because with his departure, simply it isn’t Queensrÿche after all, losing their main asset in vocals. Todd La Torre is good but not as good as Geoff.

The Seattle band that created many masterpieces, experimenting with hard rock and progressive metal really remind us why the 80s ruled.

Having the ‘gigantic’ tenor Geoff Tate, they take philosophical, social and emotional subjects and drive us to paths unknown to the human ear.

Also I would like to give credit to the bands first guitarist Toni Degarmo , who also helped the band elevate to its current status and the rich legacy they live behind.

With 3 Grammy nominations, they will always be at the heavy metal hall of fame.

Agree with the list? Comment below.

  1. Eyes of a stranger: The great finale to the bands masterpiece ‘Operation Mindcrime’, it delivers a series of operatic vocals and pain emotions of the song’s protagonist , combining everything Queensrÿche stands for.Suite Sister Mary: A powerful duet between Geoff Tate and Pamela Moore, it adds to to complex storyline of Mindcrime and can sure bring down the stage with it’s intensity.
  2. I don’t believe in love: A song full of confessions of the album’s main protagonist, talking about his doomed love.
  3. Another rainy night: One of the best love songs of the band, with emotional vocals from Geoff and nice guitar riffs.

4. Best I can:

    1. An ode to to be the best, no one ever was, it gives courage to all people who want to achieve things in their life

5. Queen of the Reich:

    1. A metal stepping to the roots Iron Maiden and Judas Priest left behind. Very nice to hear it

6. Silent lucidity:

    A mother’s words to calm her nightmare filled daughter, it delivers a sweet tone and makes Queensrÿche distinguished amongst other metal bands.

6. Empire:

    A song which the band used to deliver an anti narcotic message to their fans.

7. Jet city woman:

    An twin ode to Geoff Tate’s flight attendant wife and to guitarist Tony Degarmo, who departed and begun a new job as a corporate pilot.

8. Walk in the shadows:

    1. Very little to say about this song. Queensrÿche show their difficulty to find their unique style, hiding behind ridiculous makeup and costumes.

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