My Top 29 Judas Priest songs

The number one on my metal bands list…The Metal Gods!

Since their forming in 1969, they had their ups and downs, experimented with lots of styles, from hard rock to pop metal into thrash metal, experienced a slight departure of their main asset Rob Halford but they never gave up.

They engraved their names in metal history , creating music miracles like Breaking the law, Painkiller and You’ve got another thing coming. They keep inspiring young people to get into music and achieve new things. They say no to predjudices and social standards.

Their loud and uncompromising, utilizing the powerful riffs of Glen Tipton, K.K. Downing and more recently, the amazing Richie Faulkner.

Although in many of the songs, the lyrics are uninspired and somewhat typical, they don’t fail to deliver and elevate the whole project.

It’s been almost 50 years and they keep on rocking and show no signs of losing their touch.

This is a list of my 29 songs that defined them over their whole career. Do you agree? Comment below.

1) Painkiller

2) Breaking the law

3) Screaming for vengeance

4) Beyond the realms of death

5) The sentinel

6) Battle cry

7) You’ve got another thing coming

8) Firepower

9) Dissident aggressor

10) Freewheel burning

11) Electric eye

12) Riding on the wind

13) Hell patrol

14) Halls of Valhalla

15) Metal meltdown

16) Victim of changes

17) Hellrider

18) Ram it down

19) Heroes end

20) Dreamer deceiver

21) Exciter

22) Love you to death

23) Metal gods

24) Hell bent for leather

25) Dragonaut

26) Out in the cold

27) Rapid fire

28) No surrender

29) Before the dawn

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