My Top 27 Iron Maiden songs

In all of my life, a few bands have intrigued me and got me into heavy metal. One of them is Iron Maiden. The six crusaders of the 40 year world acclaimed band never cease to amaze. Going against the cosmic standards and restrictions, they cautirize every single social problem, injustice and war in their lyrics and fight for what is right.

They are well known for their caring love about their fans. Eddie is such a nice guy… after all!

From the magic pen of Steve Harris, the operatic vocals of Bruce Dickinson, the three influential guitarists Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers and the ‘human octopus’ Nicko Mcbrain, they defined heavy metal and show no signs of ever stopping.

Back in the 70s, they fought the destructive influence of punk in their music and created a unique metal genre with fast riffs, great vocals and a lot dependence on the bass guitar.

This is MY top 27 songs that defined Iron Maiden, in my personal opinion, and ranked according to a scale of greatness. I know they made over 150 songs…what to do…Feel free to tell me your top Maiden songs in the comments.

1. Aces high

2. Hallowed be thy name

3. Paschendale

4. Fear of the dark

5. The trooper

6. Run to the hills

7. Stranger in a strange land

8. 2 minutes to midnight

9. No prayer for the dying

10. Rime of the ancient mariner

11. Empire of the clouds

12. Seventh son of a seventh son

13. Flash of the blade

14. Alexander the Great

15. Isle of Avalon

16. Can I play with madness

17. Quest for fire

18. Wasted years

19. Wrathchild

20. Brighter than a thousand suns

21. The clansman

22. Flight of Icarus

23. Speed of light

24. Chains of misery

25. If eternity should fail

26. The great unknown

27. Wasting love

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