My Top 12 Epica songs


A band I’ve discovered last year in a book about metal history, they take the difficult to master subject of symphonic metal and create heavenly songs and as their name stands for…epic anthems.

They are dynamic, they combine raw power with sweetness and as with the most of bands today, their success is due to their lead singer Simone Simons.

Their sound tends to be more of a gothic style, with influences from death metal, thrash metal, djent, electronic and folk.

The subjects that cover in their songs are unique and inspirational. They range from emotional, sociopolitical, scientific(With tendency in Physics), psychological and philosophical films. Every song is specially crafted to perfection.


Their main asset…Simone Simons!!!

One moment you here soprano vocals and the other, heavy growls from the band’s guitarist Mark Jansen. It’s surreal!!! But true!!!

This is my top 12 of their songs, judging always by the emotional impact and thoughts they create and not by commercial success. Let’s get right to it.

12. Chasing the dragon: A song with a fairy tale character, depending heavily on Markus voice and speed metal vibes.

11. Deep water horizon: Begins with acoustic guitar, then slowly becomes anthemic, talking prophetic, about events of the future like wars, pain and misery.

10. Tides of time: A sweet song, beginning slow to finally reach climax with the heavy riffs jumping in and the strong vibratos of Simone.

9. Monopoly on truth: A heavy metal dialogue between the female choir leaded by Simone and the growls of Markus. It ends with nice violin touches.

8. The obsessive devotion: EPIC!

7. Blank infinity: MORE EPIC!

6. Mother of light: EVEN MORE EPIC!

5. The Holographic Principle: SUPER EPIC!

4. Beyond the matrix: A very inspiring song, which utilizes a choir most of it’s duration and encourages you to go beyond your limits and achieve nirvana. After a growly section by Markus, a nice guitar solo comes.

3. The Phantom Agony: Another anthem by Epica. Nothing less to say. It feels your heart with courage and strength to move on.

2. Feint: The song that got me into Epica. Very touching and emotional. The way Simone says ‘it’s not colourfast, it will stain the next…and everything in life and dreams…’ , always makes me wanna cry and do my very best to achieve more things.

1. Unchain Utopia: It deserves its spot at my very top because of it’s anthemic tone and nature, created by powerful vocals, the speed metal drum strikes and the timeliness it talks about…enterprises fall etc etc. This song defines Epica.

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