Rob Halford VS Bruce Dickinson

Ahhhh!!!!!! Yeaahhhhh!!!!!! You’ve heard these by them a lot of times. Since the mid 70s and the 80s, they’ve been busting your ears to their limit with their melodic screams and rocking hard…riding free, as the song says. They are living legends of metal and show no signs of ever quitting. They’ve been successful in bands and as solo artists. Everything they touch, turns into gold. It’s the century battle of the giants, the myths, the metal legends…Rob Halford VS Bruce Dickinson. Let’s see who has the upper hand…

First, I’ll start with The Metal God, Robert John Arthur Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest. He possesses a wide and powerful vocal range, with characteristic high pitched screams and a strong vibrato, achieving a semitone of 4 octaves. His range is D2 to C6 and maybe B5 from Painkiller in 2015. He can strike the highest note s.g. Painkiller, Riding on the wind and Freewheel Burning and the lowest e.g. Beyond the realms of death. And again…his screams seem that they can touch infinity with their duration. He formed a unique style taken later by other metal singers, including leathers and studs, emphasizing the word metal and looking more badass than he already is.

But time has shown it’s marks on Rob. There are songs he can’t tell anymore like The sentinel and Dissident Agressor. His voice has been deepened and gained a more barytone character to it. That’s what time does to legends. But in the Firepower album, he has shown signs of improvement. Never stopped fighting for metal…!!!!!!

Then I come to Iron Maiden’s lead singer…the man…the entrepreneur…the pilot…the legendary Paul Bruce Dickinson. A man that symbolises the power of knowledge, learning is infinite and you can achieve anything, if you believe in yourself. He knows how to handle criticism to his own advantage. The force is strong within him!!!

Being born with natural operatic voice, his vast tenor skills are remarkable in songs like Hallowed be thy name, Run to the hills, The trooper, Aces High etc etc*infinity. He never ceases to amaze. His vibratos are strong and he can maintain them for an extraordinary amount of time e.g. Flight of Icarus. Although he’s 60 years old, time has shown no marks on him. He’s super energetic on stage and screams like there is no tomorrow. According to studies, his voice can achieve 4.25 octaves. Just WOWWW!!!!!

Comparing the two legends, I would say that Bruce is a bit higher in my scale than Rob because:

1) He is more energetic on stage, leading the crowd with the power of his hands.

2) He is more comfortable singing in low octaves e.g. Stranger in a strange land, Afraid to shoot strangers, Fear of the dark etc. Rob is less energetic and he sounds a little uncomfortable singing in low pitch. I don’t decimate him…that’s what I feel like.

3) Historically speaking, Bruce has written a lot more successful songs than Rob in their whole careers. Ask anyone you want.

Nonetheless, they are both extraordinary and interesting people and both deserve to be at the pantheon of heavy metal vocalists ever been born and finally, be appreciated for their legacy.

Feel free to tell me your personal opinions on the subject…

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